Slim Drawer Box

Slim Drawer Box

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Meaton drawer system is famous for silent movement, satisfying comfort, and diverse applications. MEATON drawer system is able to deliver you an ideal and desirable living space where indicates your understanding of lifestyle, of character, of satisfaction. You are deserved to own this comfortable and sound life, with Meaton’s high quality but affordable products.

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Slim Drawer Box


Elegent, smart and modern,now space optimization is ready for this revolution with our new Slim Box, your experience will never be the same as in the old days. They are thoughtfully designed for you in every possible applications to experience comfort in maximum functionality and trendy design. Our new innovative technology is able to provide you this fluent, noiseless movement in its beautiful shape. Meaton always values our customers’life quality, our products are not only for pursuing the great functionality and performance, but also bringing you the enjoyment of modern design.

Slide: Even under fully loaded circumstance, the newly designed slide still offers extremely smooth and quiet experience. Its excellent performance will inspire you. Customers are able to enjoy this easy experience of installation with 3 dimensional adjustment options.

•Basic,height 86mm,118mm,167mm,199mm.
•Wide range of depth from 270mm to 550mm.
•Loading capacity:40kg/80,000opening circles/quality guarantee
•Luxury appearance/smooth and quiet movement, smart and modern.
•Abundant choices for combinations. multiple options for space design.We bring our customers’ideas into real work and assist you to be your design master to your own life.
•Wide range in stocking,grey steel and white,other colors on request.The color suits every style.
•DIY rail to fit flexible heights.
•Front convenient fine adjustment mechanism integrated.Up & down±1.5mm, left & right±1.5mm.
•Synchronization mechanism of the slides stabilizes the sliding motion and eliminates noises from the living space.
•Full range of testing equipments in Meaton’s laborator to ensure the premium product quality.

Slim Drawer Box SB1900-A01SB1900-A01 SB1900-B01SB1900-B01 SB1900-C01SB1900-C01 SB1900-D01SB1900-D01
Rail SB1900-C02SB1900-C02 SB1900-D02SB1900-D02
Inner Box SB1900-A02/SB1900-A02HSB1900-A02 SB1900-B02/SB1900-B02HSB1900-B02
Rail SB1900-C06SB1900-C06
SB1900-C05/SB1900-C05HSB1900-C05 SB1900-D05/SB1900-D05HSB1900-D05
SB1900-C07SB1900-C07 SB1900-D06/SB1900-D06HSB1900-D06
Glass SB1900-A03SB1900-A03 SB1900-B03SB1900-B03 SB1900-C03SB1900-C03 SB1900-D03SB1900-D03
SB1900-C04SB1900-C04 SB1900-D04SB1900-D04
SB1900-C06SB1900-C06 SB1900-D07SB1900-D07
SB1900-C07SB1900-C07 SB1900-D08SB1900-D08

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